McNair to Hall: October 11, 1983

Letter from McNair to Hall, October 11, 1983, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire

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October 11, 1983

Dear Don,

I’m in the process of preparing my dossier with AWP for a
job search, and I would like to have three or four up-to-date
letters in my file. Would you be willing to update the letter you
wrote for me three years ago? I would be happy to get AWP to send
you the letter you wrote then, if you’d like.

As I guess you know, things have gone from bad to worse at
Colby-Sawyer. Enrollment is now at 405 “full-time equivalents”.
The faculty has had no raise for two years, and while one is promised
for later on this year, the extra money won’t go far–especially
since we have begun this fall making “donations” (as the adminis-
tration calls them) to our medical and dental benefits. Worst of
all, I am forced to work more and more outside the college to pay
my bills–thus, there’s less time for poetry.

Not that the Devins Award–or any award–will get me a job in
the current climate. But with one kid in college, and the other
soon to be there, I must have job security, and a bigger salary–
or lat least the opportunity, through a job in some state university
system, to get my kids free tuition.

I enclosed a stamped, addressed envelope, in the hope you will
be able to use it for a recommendation letter, whenever you may
have a moment to spare. Incidentally, I’ve just furnished U/
Missouri with galley corrections. The thing is now in production,
believe it or not, to be completed before the end of November.
I can’t wait!

Please pass on our very best to Jane.