McNair to Hall: October 1, 1982

Letter from McNair to Hall, October 1, 1982, Page 1, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire

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October 1, 1982
Dear Don,

Well, I’m glad you like “The Ice Retreats in Sutton,”
but I wish its intent were clearer to you.

I was hoping to convey the impression of a long winter–
the retreat of ice humorously recalling the end of an
ice age. Thus, the Buicks would be seen as mastadons [sic],
“hay/still in their mouths.”

Because of that intent, I wanted the farm to appear
ancient–more or less so. So, the reference to
“a century old.” (True, that does mean 1882,
hardly an ancient time.)

Do you think “houses centuries old/resting
on stone” would work better. Or do you think this
whole idea of the farm after an ice age flops,
houses and all?

I hope a small change will solve the problem,
but I fear I’ll have to abandon the project
until some later time…


The other problem you raise–the needed comma after
“field,” is easily solved–

My writing schedule continues. It’s the
thing that sustains me in my other schedule.

Praise God for Joey’s utility!
And thanks for your letter.



I hope the cold is now out of your head.