McNair to Hall: November 25, 1983 (2)

Letter from McNair to Hall, November 25, 1983, Page 1, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire

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November 25, 1983

Dear Don,

This is about a couple of things I got
in the mail upon delivering my other letter
for you.

First: Jerry Costanzo wants the three
poems–“The Minister’s Death”, “The Before
People” and “My Brother Inside the Revolving
Doors”–for the next issue of Three Rivers
Poetry Journal
. He wants to italicize the
word “Before” in the title of the second poem
listed above. I don’t like the idea much. What
do you think?

The second thing: U/Missouri Press is asking


for names and addresses of (1) magazines,
and (2) “reviewers or persons in your field”
who might receive review copies of my book.
If you have time in the next three or four
days before I come over, would you think
about possibilities in the above areas?

P.S. Costanzo’s poets for the CMU series
in 1984 are Dunn, Ochester, Wallace,
Meek and Wier. That seems respectable.
It suddenly occurs to me that Jane might
submit there. Has she thought of that?