McNair to Hall: April 16, 1984

Letter from McNair to Hall, April 16, 1984, Page 1, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire

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April 16, 1984

Dear Don,

I’ve decided to go with the enclosed version.
It’s the only solution, unless I change lots I
don’t want to change–that approximate rhyming
at the end, for instance. Besides, this version stresses
what’s essential in the poem’s conclusion: the
mystery of twins as it appears to “they.” If
Joey thinks the poem might work at the New Yorker,
he’s welcome!

About the Concord Monitor interview (which takes
place on Wednesday): It turns out that Mike Pride
bought his copy of the book after seeing your recommendation
in his own newspaper. He read it, liked it, and the rest
is history! Thanks for putting the book in his view.

I will try to do better this time by Jane!

Oh– Since you always respond quickly to letters,
I’m beginning to think my most recent somehow never
got to you–a long-ish letter about your poems, among
other things. I sent it back in March, I think,


but maybe you do have it, come to think of it,
in your recent backlog of mail. I certainly
don’t want to push you to answer! (I don’t
even remember much of what was in the letter–
so wouldn’t know whether an answer is required.)
Just want to make sure you got the letter!



Editorial note about this letter: The poem referred to in the opening of the letter is “The Shooting.”