Hall to McNair: September 29, 1982

Letter from Hall to McNair, September 29, 1982, Colby College Special Collections

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29 September 1982

Wes McNair
Box 43
North Sutton, NH 03260

Dear Wes,

I like it very much. Could you bear, please, to add a
comma after “and in the field,”…? I think you would need one
in prose, for the grammar, and I miss it here.

The only other thing I wonder about is the force of “a
century old…” That is, I don’t know whether that is supposed
to be old, or young, or how that is supposed to be relevant – the
age itself. A century old is only an 1882 house, and it is not
very old for around here. What are you telling me, when you tell
me this? I understand what you are telling about the trees, and
heaven knows the Buicks – which are absolutely marvelous! But
what is that house a hundred years old for? Would it make any
difference if it were wood or stone or brick? Or green or white
or red? Or just a hundred years old? So it “begs a question,”
like they say. But I am being fairly picayune, I think.

Good for you with your writing on a schedule. Excellent.

Joey gets frustrated because people don’t answer letters…
But Joey does not get so frustrated for other people’s manuscripts
as other people get – or as Joey would get, were Joey handling his
own! Such is the utility of Joey!

Love as ever,