Hall to McNair: October 4, 1979


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4 October 1979

Wes McNair
Box 43
No. Sutton, NH 03260

Dear Wes,

I really love the new poems – as I tend to love everything that
you do, occasionally with one or two words to disagree about. I think
that “The Thin Man” and “Hair on Television” are wonderful. “Hair on
Television” will always be visually ugly, to me, and probably to some
few other finicky people – but not to many. And for me, of course, the
wonderfulness of it otherwise is compensatory. I mentioned before that
Bly’s disquisitions on hair are obviously going to occur to anybody
who reads the poem, who is au courant. I say this because I suspect that it will
be irritatingly true that magazine editors will object to that. But I
could be wrong about that too.

How about sending over some Fair Copies for Joey to send out?
You can send them to me, because I see him practically every day. He
is back from the VA hospital now, and I cannot see that the operation made
much difference…

But I mentioned this before, and it is probably wise to wait until
you are satisfied with the other two, in order to have a bunch of four to
send out.

Your remarks about the revised manuscripts, and where you are sending
it, sound just fine. I hope that there will be reason to withdraw your
manuscript from various Wesleyans and Award contests… But there is not
yet, and there may – we have to say this, of course – never be.

Best as ever,