Hall to McNair: October 19, 1981


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19 Oct. 1981

Dear Wes,

You have not heard from me because
I have not been here. We went back to ann Arbor.
Actually Jane has been there all but six weeks, since
early in June. And I have been there seven weeks, all
together. I just came back after twelve days. And
Reuel died just as I got back here, last Friday af-
ternoon. Thank heaven. End was peaceful. Jane
will be back on Tuesday. Maybe again we can start
to live the old life. Of course “normal life” is
nothing but how you live in the interstices among
disasters. And I will read the book! It must seem
strange to you that I have not been able to. But I
really have not been able to. I will be back with
you – and back among the living, for a while – as
soon as I can be. Love to you all,