Hall to McNair, May 31, 1984

Letter from Hall to McNair, May 31, 1984, Page 1, Colby College Special Collections

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31 May 1984

Wes McNair

Dear Wes,

Thanks for the card. It was good to see you two –
though we didn’t do much more than see you. Nick was so
proud of that piece. I enjoyed his erudition, anyway.

Well, naturally, I have thoroughly rewritten A Sister
by the Pond…so you will have a chance to bring me back to
reality. I will send you the rewritten Day I Was Older and
Sister probably in a week or two. Every part of every poem
is altered I think. Some of them just a tiny bit. Well, I
think that maybe the first section of the Day I was Older is
not changed at all. The changes are all minor and crucial. EX-
cept with the last two parts of the Day I Was Older.