Hall to McNair, May 25, 1984

Letter from Hall to McNair, May 25, 1984, Page 1, Colby College Special Collections

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25 May 1984
Wes McNair

Dear Wes,

Good to hear. Good to have the clarification.
When we get together, remind me to give you another
copy of Alligator. That won’t be the end of this week…
how about next week? We will be gone Wednesday through
Friday, and I won’t mail this until Saturday…at which
time I may be seeing you anyway.

I hope you have another NEA. However, the numbers
are up – and as number increases, the Lottery Effect in-
creases. It becomes more a matter of luck. Less insult-
ing to be refused…but more frustrating all around. But
good luck in any case.