Hall to McNair: March 8, 1982

Letter from Hall to McNair, 03-08-1982, Page 1

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8 March 1982

Wes McNair
Box 43
North Sutton, NH 03260

Dear Wes,

Good to have your letter. I am home for four whole
days now. Amazing. Then I am gone for all but thirty-six
hours of the next two weeks. I don’t like that.

I just read at the college of Bruce Guernsey who was
selected last summer as one of the two manuscripts taken by
Pitt – out of more than 1400 submitted. When the figures are
like that, the lottery-likeness is inevitable. But then, so
was the NEA! The good lightning bolts drop out of the blue
just like the bad ones.

Old Costanzo is in funding trouble for his press, as
he told me not in relationship to your manuscript, but just
in general.

Glad you are going to try Solotaroff.

I had forgotten Lisel’s title. I do like a lot of her
work. And I do like Pinsky. I am about to see him again, and
I miss him, now that he has gone out to the west coast. I’m not
sure you are going to like An Explanation very much. It is very
discursive indeed. The opening and closing lyrics are quite
beautiful. He can do it when he wants to.

I will get you that To Keep Moving if you keep reminding
me! It seems silly to go to all the postage when we are nearby.
I would like to think that I will stop by at Colby-Sawyer and
leave it for you…if you are over our way, why don’t you try
driving in the yard.

I am reading a lot of these long and ambitious things on
the road, and some of them are sounding pretty good to me, and
to my listeners. I have hopes.

Best as ever,