Hall to McNair: April 16, 1977


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16 April 77

Dear Wes–

Thanks for your letter. It makes
me feel very good. I was a little
worried about the slurred words I
had to repeat! I guess I shouldn’t
worry. I read the new one again this
morning at Mt. Holyoke, with a few
changes since last Monday. I’m
feeling good about it.
Now I’ve got eight readings coming
up. South Carolina, Maryland, Alabama,
Oklahoma. I look forward to seeing
you & Diane when things settle down a little.

I’m hoping you don’t go to Chile so we
can keep you around. But if you go, you’ll
come back – & maybe it will be good for
your poems to have such a change of
scene. I learned so much about the
U.S. by going away from it for a while.

As so as soon as I’m ready to
show that poem to anybody, I’ll show
it to you.