Hall to McNair: April 10, 1984

Letter from Hall to McNair, April 10, 1984, Colby College Special Collections

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10 April 1984

Wes McNair
Sutton, NH 03260

Dear Wes,

I got back up here on March 31st, but Lois had to
go away, and so my letters are delayed. In “The Shooting,”
I did indeed think that “they” was subject of “called…”
And it is still hard for me to take it the way you want
it. Therefore my comma was incorrect – but I feel an
ambiguity there. Has anybody else had this problem?

However, I don’t mind sending one poem into old

Very good about the sales of the book!

Very good to hear about Mike Pride, who did the
very good very long interview with me a year and a half
ago… He loves poetry. He would not be doing this if
he did not love your poetry. I did talk to him about you,
and I think I sent him one of the copies that I bought…
or did I get you to send him one?

Time to mention Jane + Green House? X

[Written in margin: X I don’t think
Mike has any
notion of how
good she is]

A note from McNair about this letter: Don urges me in his last paragraph to mention Jane’s early role in encouraging me as a poet when I am interviewed, in particular her publication of my poems in Green House.