Week 11: Section B

This week we will continue our discussion of molecular bonding.  We will learn how to turn our two dimensional Lewis structures into to three dimensional molecular geometries.  By the end of the week we will be able to apply and analyze four theories of molecular bonding: Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion theory, Valence Bond theory, Hybrid Orbitals, and Molecular Orbital Theory.

Homework #10 is posted on Mastering Chemistry and it covers chapter 8. It is due on Wednesday at midnight.

Monday Lecture Material:Lecture Slides 11-12class notes 11-12

Wednesday Lecture Material: Lecture Slides 11-14class notes 11-14

Friday Lecture Material:Lecture Slides 11-16class notes 11-16

Week 11 Sat, Sun 11/10-11 Mon 11/12 Tue 11/13 Wed 11/14 Thu 11/15 Fri 11/16
In Class Chapter 9 Chapter 9 Chapter 9
Learning Objectives Describe the 3D structure of molecules based on VSEPR theory. Relate the hybrid orbitals used in bonding and to the 3D structure of molecules. Explain how molecular orbital theory is used to describe bonding in diatomic molecules
Topic Bonding Theories: VESPR Bonding Theories: Valence Bond Theory and Hybrid Orbitals Bonding Theories: Molecular Orbital Theory
Activities Balloon Models Building Molecular Models Will liquid O2 stick to a magnetic?
Outside of Class
Homework Work on HW #10 Work on HW #10 Work on HW #10 Homework #10 is due at 11:59pm Start HW #11 Work on HW#11 (Due Tues. 11/20 at Midnight)
Reading 1st Read of Chapter 9 2nd Read of Chapter 9
Other Things to Remember Special Office Hours Sun. 1pm-3pm Office Hours 2:30-4:00 Office Hours 1-2:30
Practice Problems 9.13, 9.17, 9.21, 9.27, 9.37 9.45, 9.49, 9.53. 9.55, 9.61, 9.63 9.59, 9.61, 9.69, 9.71

For your entertainment, a remake of “Shape of You” but with a mash-up of all the 4 bonding theories that we’ll discuss this week.