Week 8: Section B Schedule

This week we will finish our discussion of the physical properties of gases (chapter 10) with a discussion on how real gases interact with each other and have molecular volume.  You may be wondering, “why is that?”  Why do molecules attract and repel each other, and what exactly gives the molecules volume?

To answer these questions we need learn about electrons and molecular bonding.  Over the next five weeks we will discuss how electrons form bonds in molecules and how different atoms are bonded together.  To start off this discussion, we will lay the foundations by learning about the electronic structure of atoms.

Reminder: Exam #2 is this Thursday!  The exam will take place from 5pm to 7pm on the first floor of Keyes.  There will be a review session held on Tuesday 10/23 (Mole Day!) starting at 8pm. More information can be found here.

Homework #7 is due at midnight on Wednesday.

Monday Lecture Material: Lecture Slides 10-22class notes 10-22

Wednesday Lecture Material: Lecture Slides 10-24class notes 10-24

Friday Lecture Material:Lecture Slides 10-26class notes 10-26

Week 8 Sat 10/21, Sun 10/22 Mon 10/22 Tue 10/23 Wed 10/24 Thu 10/25 Fri 10/26
In Class Chapter 10 and Chapter 6 Chapter 6 Chapter 6
Learning Objectives Relate the Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases to diffusion and effusion. Quantitatively describe electromagnetic radiation. Relate the quantized nature of electrons to the interaction between matter and light. Qualitatively describe the electron orbitals and determine electronic configurations of the elements.
Topic Real Gases and Wave Nature of Light Quantized Energy and the Wave Nature Matter Electron Orbitals and Electronic Configurations
Activities Collapsible Can Demos of Electron Orbitals
Outside of Class MOLE DAY!
Homework **Homework #7 is due at 11:59pm**
Reading 1st Read of Chapter 6 2nd Read of Chapter 6
Other Things to Remember Review Session Keyes 105 8pm-10pm Office Hours: 2:30-4:00 Keyes 314 **2nd Exam is Tonight from 5-7pm in Keyes 105**
Practice Problems 6.11, 6.15, 6.23, 6.25 6.31, 6.35, 6.41, 6.45 6.49, 6.51, 6.55, 6.63, 6.65, 6.67