Week 7 Schedule: Section B

This week we will explore the behavior ideal and real gases.  We will jump ahead to chapter 10 this week and return to chapter 6 the following week.  We aim to expand our repertoire problem solving techniques to be able to convert between volumes, pressures, and temperatures of gases to moles.  We will also consider what assumptions go into the ideal gas law and when those assumptions break down.  Be sure to check out the Gas Simulator!

Homework #6 which covers the end of chapter 5 will be due Wednesday 10/17 at midnight.

Remember, exam 2 is on the horizon!  Exam 2 will take place on Thursday, 10/25, from 5pm to 7pm.

Lecture Materials for Wednesday: Lecture Slides 10-17Gas Simulatorclass notes 10-17

Lecture Materials for Friday: Lecture Slides 10-19class notes 10-19

Week 7 Sat and Sun 10/13-10/14 Mon 10/15 Tue 10/16 Wed 10/17 Thu 10/18 Fri 10/19
In Class Chapter 10 Chapter 10
Learning Objs. Quantitative problem solving using the ideal gas law and partial pressures Relate the kinetic molecular theory to the ideal gas law. Analyze why gases might deviate from ideal behavior.
Topic Gas Law, Mixtures and Partial Pressure Kinetic and Molecular Theory and Real Gases
Activities Collapsible Can
Outside of Class
Homework Work on HW #6 **Homework #6 is due at 11:59pm** Work on HW #7
Reading 1st Reading of Chapter 10 2nd Reading of Chapter 10
Other Things to Remember Office Hours: 2:30-4:00 Keyes 314 Office Hours: 1:00-2:30 Keyes 314
Practice Problems 10.33, 10.39, 10.49, 10.63, 10.67 10.71, 10.75, 10.77, 10.83, 10.95, 10.101