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Week 1: Welcome to Chem 141 B!

Here is our schedule for the first week for the 10 am section (141B).

Note: There is nothing due this week but you should do two things as soon as possible:

1) register for Mastering Chemistry

2) review the syllabus this week and reach out if you have any questions or issues.

Friendly reminder: I have office hours in Keyes 314 from 2:30 to 4:00 pm on Wed. and 1-2:30 on Fri. Come say hi!

Slide Show from Class: Ch141_Day1

Slide Show from Friday’s Class: Updated-Ch141_9-7-2018-slidesClass Notes: Measurement Chap 1

Week 1 Sat 9/1 Sun 9/2 Mon 9/3 Tue 9/4 Wed 9/5 Thu 9/6 Fri 9/7
In Class First day of class! Chapter 1
Topic Syllabus. Study Strategies. Classification and Properties of Matter. Matter and Measurement
Activities Lecture, Minute paper Think-pair-share, in class practice problems
Outside of Class
Homework HW#1: Introduction to MasteringChemistry
Reading 1st read of Chap 1 Read the Syllabus
Tasks Sign up for Mastering Chemistry  Complete Colby Chemistry Assessment (on MasteringChemistry)
Practice Problems 1.13, 1.15, 1.23 1.29, 1.39, 1.47, 1.60


CH141 General Resources

Mastering Chemistry Homework Website.  (CH1412018)

Instructions  Get Started withMastering Chemistry 2018

Mastering Chemistry Support Page.

Molecule Viewer

Innovation requires the application of chemical basics to produce new technologies:  Corning Gorilla Glass, Tesla Powerwall.   We are interested in producing the next generation of innovators.