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Rewriting the World

Italian poetry in the 60’s was a dynamic movement called the neo-avant-garde. A group of poets developed new and startling way of writing that causes the reader to take active participation in order to create an understanding of the work…. Continue Reading →

Feeling Nature

In his lecture about Italian neo avant-garde literature, professor Cavatorta talked about a re – imagining of ages old literary tradition. Here, artists left behind their roots and invented new ideas and expressed them in ways the world had not… Continue Reading →

poetry and confusion

A poem that we spent a lot of time on tonight was “A fragmented wor(l)d” by Giorgio Celli. My main reaction to this poem is confusion. But apparently, confusion is actually one of the purposes of the poem. In avant-garde… Continue Reading →

A fragmented wor(l)d by Giorgio Celli

Like many other poets, Giorgio Celli’s fragmented wor(l)d requires the reader to actively engage with the text! The poem makes us ask questions to ourselves but also about ourselves. After reading the poem, we are left confused: poetry in a way… Continue Reading →

Poetry and Instagram: Fragmented Stories

Although I know little about poetry and even less about Italian, tonight’s lecture with Professor Cavatorta brought to mind an interesting parallel to today about fragmentation as a way to tell a story.  In the poem Professor Cavatorta showed in… Continue Reading →

Literature and it’s time period

Professor Cavatorta presented to us about Italian poetry of the 1960s and 1970s. This was especially literature from the neo-avant-garde movement. At Colby I have not had the opportunity to study poetry, or any literature beyond a novel in the… Continue Reading →

Feminism in the 20th century

Second world war fundamentally impacted on many aspects of our society. One of these effects can be manifested by the growth of feminism. In our lecture on Nov. 3, Professor Cavatorta showed us a “bride contract” signed prior to WWII,… Continue Reading →

“Mother” Nature

“It was like an earthquake returning literature to its foundation.” 5 poets came together to start the Neo-avant-garde movement in order to create a new definition of literature. The clash of two definitions started a revolution in literary style, focusing… Continue Reading →

Anthropocene and the avant-garde

Many of the movements of the 20th century changed how we viewed the arts and forms in the world around us. From impressionism that replicated the beauty of the world around them; fauvism that experimented with color abstraction and began… Continue Reading →

Avant-garde is not so hard.

Rewriting the world: Natureand the literature of the Italian neo-avant-garde. You can’t learn about the neo-avant-garde without knowing about the avant-garde. I Novissimi (poetry for the sixties) is the father of the period known as the neo-avant-garde. The 60s and 70s… Continue Reading →

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