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from The Daye-Boke of Adam Raison,

From that daye thee Hart strokys
his meeter. Kingesguard sette us
at Rodesyde while they stepd himm
past us in his whyte Veste:
Necke stode free of its Collare
for thee Axe at thee 8e Belle.

Somme theyre cryed: “Kingeslayer
Piggeshart!” Boyes through Turdes
striking his Bodye striding −
his Feete wide to balance himm,
his Handes thongedd thigither −
the laste Rodd of his Manhode.

In his Necke a blew Veyne throbbd
thee Hartsblodde − onne, and onne −
as if to rekkon Summes. Then Knees
bangd on Wode of Scaffholde,
Axemann gruntyd, glintt of bryght
Blade. Blodde-russhe.

-Donald Hall