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Going Back to Elinore Quelch


It is still there

Watching her gramophone
retrace the doleful voice
of a cowboy

oh elinore quelch here i am back
in 1944
i say

& she turns listening
to the voice
the gramophone is whispering

taut sorrowful faraway

love and mine
& whole life through

she turns & turns
& I say where is bob

remember bob the cowboy
boots the bottles rolling down
the parlor floor

& faraway
In 1944 elinore turns

& turns

slowly listening
& turning off
In her own world

& curtainless
& faraway

I scream oh elinore it was
your thin thin arms
he snapped

it was your face

& slowly turns
In 1944
holding the voice

that is unwinding
lips & please be mine & all
my dreams

& cannot hear me
screaming it was bob

& elinore

oh elinore quelch

here I am back

-Wesley McNair