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Bishop Stanovsky: COVID-19 Notice #6

What Have We Learned So Far from the Pandemic

COVID-19 is opportunistic. It looks for opportunities to jump species, to spread from one person to another.

Some environments provide excellent conditions for the virus to spread. Think of cruise ships, prisons, migrant work camps, nursing homes, an aircraft carrier, homeless shelters, subways, meat packing plants.

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Episcopal Archdiocese of New York: Returning to Public Worship

What follows is a series of recommended sacramental guidelines for archdiocesan parishes as we foresee a return to public worship in the forthcoming weeks and months. It is anticipated that the reopening of our churches and the resumption of the public celebration of the sacraments will be a gradual process marked in phases:

Phase I – Churches Open for Private Prayer and Confessions
Phase II – Celebration of Baptisms and Marriages (limited to 10 attendees)
Phase III – Celebration of the Rite of Distributing Holy Communion Outside of Mass
Phase IV – Celebration of Daily and Funeral Masses with Limited Attendance
Phase V – Celebration of Sunday Mass with Supervised Attendance
Resumption of Full Parish Mass Schedules and Sacramental Activities

Commencement dates and a detailed description of each phase will be announced by the Vicar General’s Office in the coming weeks, in consultation with health and government officials and in consideration of current health metrics.… Read the rest

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