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Abracadabra! – The Connection between Magic Tricks and Attention

November 24th, 2015 2 comments

Imagine that you go to a magic show.  You spend the $10 entry fee at the entrance of the theater.  You sit down among the throng of eager audience members waiting to see the dazzling, awe-inspiring tricks that will not just bend your mind’s perception, but also the very laws of nature.  Eventually, the magician takes the stage, and everybody including yourself suddenly becomes silent and still in anticipation.  Then, he starts to perform tricks ranging from pulling rabbits out of hats to hoops that magically can become bound and unbound together at the flick of the wrist.  Before you know it, the show is almost over, but the magician has prepared for the audience a grand finale involving two mysterious doors.  What happens next cannot be described with words as eloquently as this following clip:

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