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“Practice makes Perfect”–but what type of practice?

November 19th, 2013 1 comment

Students spend an immense amount of their time studying—after all, have you ever taken a class in hopes of failing the final exam?  Most students study class material before a test to try and avoid this fate.  Despite making an effort to do this, almost anyone who has ever been in school can recall a time when they spent hours, days, or even weeks studying, only to arrive at a test and find that they are unable to answer any of the questions.  While this can be very frustrating, it also shows that the amount of time you spend studying is not the only thing that determines how well you will do on a test.  In order to determine which other factors might play a part, psychologist Andrew Butler conducted a study at Washington University in St. Louis that looked at different studying techniques and how they affect test performance.  More specifically, Butler compared test-enhanced learning, which involves studying by being tested on the material at hand (like testing yourself with flashcards) to repeated restudying of information (picture yourself reading a textbook page over and over again).

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