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Sweet as Pie?–Food Memories and Their Inaccuracies

May 1st, 2013 6 comments

orange-custard-_7Think back to your favorite food.  Is it sweet?  How sweet?  Do you think that you could pick this prized food out of a lineup of nine different versions of this food of varying sweetness, texture, and aroma?  Maybe you think you have a discerning palate that will assist your accuracy, despite the fact that you forgot to actually take note of these factors while eating.  A recent study examines food memory and our accuracy at recalling certain sensory aspects of food that many of us take for granted when we eat.  Findings suggest we may not remember all the aspects of our favorite food as accurately as we might presume.

Food memory is a complex area of study that psychologists still struggle to understand.  There have been a variety of studies examining memory about certain aspects of foods.   Researchers have examined foods ranging from orange juice to yogurt, and examined sensory aspects such as bitterness to thickness.  These results have not all supported one clear way people remember aspects of food, as people report certain food descriptors more accurately than others depending on the food.

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