Magic Show

During the last week of Jan Plan, area 5th grade classes visit our labs in the Colby Chemistry Department for a morning packed with science activities. The grand finale is a Chemistry Magic Show performed by our students with help from the Chemistry Club. Check out some scenes from our show!

An invisible ink Welcome sign!
The old disappearing water trick!
The Pink Panther strikes again!
and again...
Apple juice to Coke!
Is it orange, or is it black??
Fun with soap (and hydrogen peroxide!)
Kellen keeping an eye on his dry ice bubble!
Red and yellow and pink and green...
Orange and purple and blue...
Kristen getting ready to light some cash on fire!
That'll teach that gummy bear to stay out of the lab!
Do not try this one at home!
He didn't start the fire!
Shaken, not stirred!
It sure was crowded inside that bottle!

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