Kasey’s Page

IMG_4555Hello! I’m Kasey Kirschner. I am a senior at Colby College studying Biology, Math, and Chemistry. I have been excited to take this course for over a year and a half and am so happy I was able to do so! In the past, I have made my own science curriculum for a summer day camp, but this class challenged me to go further and develop activities that combine engaging interaction with insightful and thought-provoking education.


My first activity was all about optics. It demonstrates that everything IMG_4473is not as it seems by showing many confusing and mind bending optical illusions. It also explains the complex interactions between the eyes and the brain by demonstrating and discussing concepts such as depth perception, hand eye coordination, visual reaction time, and blind spots. It combines practical, everyday life experiences with the anatomy that makes these experiences possible. (optics teachers kit)

My second IMG_3187activity allows students to explore the concepts of pH in an interesting fashion. Students utilize various acids and bases to polish dirty pennies. Students can then compare the relative acidity of each of the solutions with their ability to clean the pennies and draw conclusions based on their observations. This activity is also very good at explaining and implementing the scientific method and can be a great introduction to proper scientific experimentation. (Penny teachers kit)


My third and final activity allows students to study and the relative strengths of various shapes around them. Students began by noting the surprising strength of a balloon by standing on them! Students were then challenged to build a strong structure out of a very unusual building material: spaghetti and marshmallows! (Structure teachers kit)

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