Kellen’s Page

IMG_2790I’m Kellen McDonnell and I am a freshman at Colby. I am currently undeclared but working towards Computer Science and Math Science majors. Although I’m not currently planning a career in science, I am considering teaching and I have a strong interest in chemistry.  This course gave me a wonderful glimpse into the world of teaching and I had a wonderful time experimenting with ways to help students learn effectively and to have fun while doing so.IMG_2871

I had three experiments.  The first was the Finding Nemo Density Column (Nemo Teacher Kit and Nemo Student Worksheet).  The idea with this one was to teach kids about density and can easily be done in an hour with a group of 4th or 5th grades.  The second experiment was How Music Works: An Introduction to Sound Waves and Vibrations (Music and Vibrations Teacher Kit).  This was more of a physics experiment and taught kids about sound, vibrations, and energy.  This is fun for all ages but can be gone further in depth with 4th graders and up.  The third experiment was Mystery Mixtures (lMystery Mixture Teacher Kit and Mystery Mixture Student Worksheet).  The concept of this one was for students to use methods of separation to IMG_2936separate a mixture and then use tests and unique characteristics to identify what was in the mixture.  I adapted this one when I was in the lab the final week to use flammability, pH, and more advanced chemical reactions because I was in a safe location and had fewer students with me.  I had an absolutely blast during this class and I enjoyed the unpredictable nature of children and found this experience to be very rewarding.  I hope that the children got as much out of it as I did.

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