Transcript: What is natural?

At what point is something natural?

Was this helmet a part of nature before there was a beehive on it?

Is this a piece that demonstrates an instance where nature triumphed over something human made?

Was this helmet already natural?

We’ve seen how trucks, things that are more-than-human and nonliving, can be a part of a larger process of creating energy while using energy.

Trucks can be a part of a larger ecosystem that has energy and water running through it.

I’ve been told when a bird craps on my truck, it’s good luck.


Because there are still enough birds to do that?

Is this beehive on a helmet good luck?

Are we at the point where a truck is as natural as a bird?

Where a helmet is as natural as a beehive?

Where a city is as natural as a forest?

Or are we still at the point where the human-made is separate from everything else?

Can we finally see ourselves and where we live as part of nature?

Or are we completely separate from nature?

Are we at war with it?