Transcript: DisORDER

“It is conceivable that our misunderstandings of the natural world, our misuse of it, and our conflicted relationship with it would not be conceivable without such ordering systems to formulate a picture of how they work and how we work within them.” (David Brooks)

Why is this board here? OW! What does that say? 6-2? Who’s that? What are they doing—these people? Locking us in these frames. We can’t move! Who do they think they are? We’re all here—the school and I—being locked in these boards showing numbers and rules. It’s like we’re some spectacle, some show for them. Why? Why can’t we do that to them? Hey you, yeah you sir, in your white lab coat and goggles. Let us order you. Let us put you in some box with a long name like homoooo sapieeen and tell you who your ancestors are. You think you know us, where we come from? As if. You hurt us. You eat us. You pollute our home. You try and make sense of us and show the world how we live. Let me tell you this… You can’t explain through your numbers and lines and planks how we live. We just live. We swim there, eat here, breathe over there, flop here.. you know, it’s simple. There’s no need to put us in your systems. Just let us be. Please!