About The Lantern

The Lantern is the digital magazine of the Colby College Museum of Art. It looks both into and out from the museum, examining its objects, exhibits, and programs, and how they connect beyond our galleries to the Colby campus, Central Maine, and the world. We want to share collaborative and interdisciplinary investigations and strive to be a space for all voices—students, faculty, community members, and museum staff—to share ideas, tell stories, and start conversations. Unwed to any standard format, we’ll try new ways of engaging with the museum and hope you’ll join us. The Lantern operates on the belief that conversation only starts in the museum; what happens from there is limitless.

Interested in contributing? Whether you’ve already researched an object in our collection or are eager to respond to a noontime talk, The Lantern welcomes inquiries for contributions. Please contact Anne Lunder Leland Curatorial Fellow Megan Adams with your ideas.