Transcript: The Anthropocene: A New Era of Solitude

Begin by centering yourself in the middle of the mirror
Keep your feet shoulder width apart 
Stand tall with your shoulders back
Head straight 
Now slowly raise your arms out beside you until they are parallel to the ground
Take a moment to forget about those around you 

Look at yourself 

Notice the power in your stance, 
The weight of your arms 
Notice the space you take up 
How do you situate yourself within the world?

Look at yourself 

Arms stretched out wide, open, awaiting an embrace
Look at your overbearing, all-consuming presence
Look at yourself because there is nothing else to look at 
Are you uncomfortable? 

In the past 100 years over 500 species have gone extinct 
Baiji dolphin
Pinta tortoise 
Golden toad 
Caspian tiger
Pyrenean ibex 
Accelerating with reckless abandon 
We are the drivers of mass extinction

Do you feel an ache in your heart?
When did you stop giving death the same reverence as life?
When did you forget how to grieve?
Did you ever learn to sit with your sorrow?  
Tell me, when did we lose consciousness of our own frailty?

Wait and watch as everyone lines up to await their turn on the cross
For we will all pay for these sins of humanity 

This is what happens when we disentangle our identities from our relationship to others
When we disentangle the notion of self and community 
What happened to kinship, to our deeply adding connections?

We are in the midst of an emotional collapse 

We are in the midst of an emotional collapse and are you still looking at yourself?
Don’t break that eye contact 

This is the greatest loneliness
Welcome to The Anthropocene: A New Era of Solitude