SEED-O-MATIC: Inside Fedco Seeds

The SEED-O-MATIC is a vending machine that sells seeds and the soil needed to grow them. This fall, the machine was stocked with the help of Betsy Garrold and Roberta Bailey of

Art in Conversation with Climate Change: Anthropological Reflections

Ethnography and art can be forms of storytelling. Both can surface hidden patterns, invisible undercurrents, and fraught dimensions of life, revealing uncomfortable truths and subjugated knowledges. How does ethnography speak

Transcript: The World Isn’t Me

I took a friend of mine on a brief tour of Occupy Colby. “What does this mean?” she asks as we stand in front of the bear on the pile

Transcript: What is natural?

At what point is something natural? Was this helmet a part of nature before there was a beehive on it? Is this a piece that demonstrates an instance where nature

Transcript: DisORDER

“It is conceivable that our misunderstandings of the natural world, our misuse of it, and our conflicted relationship with it would not be conceivable without such ordering systems to formulate

Transcript: My Death Song

“Bird is the Word” soon will become Bird was the word A bird, perched on a peg. What type of life is that?  Birds cannot fly inside a museum.  Or

Below the Surface: Maya Lin and “Becoming-With” Nature

This essay is adapted from an assignment in the Colby College course Environmental Humanities: Stories of Crisis and Resilience, taught by Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Environmental Humanities Christopher Walker.  Maya Lin’s Interrupted River: Penobscot