Tariq Ahmad, Associate Professor of Biology-Neuroscience

Characterization of modifiers of ethanol-induced behavior using automated tracking in Drosophila

Exposure to pharmacological agents can affect alcohol-induced behaviors such as sedation in both humans and flies. Our lab has previously identified chemical modifiers of ethanol-induced sedation in Drosophila.

In this project, we plan to further characterize the effect of chemical modifiers on ethanol-induced sedation in flies using automated tracking systems. The goal of this project is to perform high-resolution analysis of tracking video to determine the characteristics of locomotion and sedation that are altered by exposure to chemical modifiers of sedation. This study will improve our understanding of how ethanol alters consciousness and locomotion in flies.

Students Summer 2021: Philipp Bogatyrev ’23 (McVey Data Science Fellow), Esther Jeon ’24, Henry Simonds ’24 (Pulver Scholar)