Faculty Course Development Grants

This program supports the revision of existing courses or the development of new courses that support the Data Science core. Grants may be for up to $3,500. Expenses may include a stipend of up to $3,000 for development time. Other expenses may include materials, software, data procurement, student assistants, or other costs related to course development.

Note that these grants are intended to cover course development costs only. Faculty may apply for separate course resources grants to cover the cost of teaching Data Science related projects or courses, independent of course development.


Applicants should submit a proposal of no more than 3 pages that clearly provides the following information:

  1. Your name and department or program affiliation
  2. The proposed title and level of the course (100, 200, 300, 400)
  3. The term and year in which you next expect to offer the course (fall, JP, spring)
  4. The number of students you expect the revised course to impact over the next 5 years
  5. The course goals and learning objectives
  6. The proposed topics and activities and how they relate to the Data Science core
  7. A timeline for undertaking and completing the work
  8. A proposed budget with itemization of expenses and a brief justification

Criteria for Awards:

Data Science related courses must include one or more components that support the core concepts outlined above. The Data Science component(s) should be a required and appropriate part of the course material that helps prepare the students to undertake similar Data Science related activities in the future. The specific criteria used to judge proposals will be:

  1. clear and coherent course goals and learning objectives,
  2. a clear connection to and support of the Data Science core,
  3. strong integration of the Data Science component(s) with the overall course,
  4. the degree of impact of the course on the overall Data Science curriculum, and
  5. a plan for offering the course at least twice, with the strongest proposals being for courses or course components that will become a regular part of the curriculum.

Proposals will be evaluated by a Data Science Review committee, which will make a recommendation to the Data Science Program Director.


The annual review data for Data Science Course Development Grant proposals is April 10.

Please submit the proposal as a single PDF file electronically to ​[email protected]​.

All supported courses should be identified as Data Science related in the course catalogue. Upon completion of the syllabus and new course materials, recipients should submit three documents to the Data Science Program Director.

  1. A brief report summarizing their work, including the activities completed and when the revised course is expected to be offered next.
  2. An itemized expense report, including copies of receipts (if any) organized by date.
  3. A brief (~300 word) article for the Data Science newsletter/website describing the Data Science activities developed for the course.

Questions should be directed to Professor Liam O’Brien: [email protected].