Departmental Curricular Enhancement Grants

This program provides support for departments who wish to develop a comprehensive plan for creating a Data Science enriched curriculum. Following the model of the Writing Enriched Curriculum program, a department, in cooperation with the Data Science Director or chosen representative, will develop a set of goals and outcomes for the students related to Data Science knowledge, skills, and dispositions. Based on those goals and outcomes, it will identify how to achieve them by ensuring students see each desired concept at a beginner, intermediate, and advanced level as they progress through the curriculum. Departments should fully implement the plan over the course of three years, with periodic assessment of their progress.

Departments or programs interested in developing a Data Science Enhanced Curriculum can apply for a $6000 grant to support the process. The grant can be used for faculty and staff stipends (up to $5000), dining, visiting educators and travel to other institutions to consult on the enriched curriculum plan. Curriculum enhancement grants should involve at least three faculty, including the department chair, and address all parts of a department’s curriculum, though not necessarily all courses.


Applicants should submit a proposal of no more than 5 pages that provides the following information:

  1. The department or program and all participating faculty and staff
  2. A summary of how the department can contribute to the goals of the data science
    program by engaging in the curriculum enhancement process
  3. A description of the degree to which and for what reasons the department’s faculty are
    motivated to engage in the curriculum enhancement process, and evidence supporting
    this interest
  4. A description of any particular focus the department will contribute to Data Science
    related activities
  5. The number of students the enriched curriculum is expected to impact over 5 years
  6. A timeline for plan development and implementation
  7. A proposed budget with itemization of expenses and a brief justification

Criteria for Awards:

Departmental Curricular Enhancement Grants are intended to give departments the incentive to undertake a comprehensive review of their program and to integrate Data Science related topics in a pedagogically sound and intentional manner as students move through their curriculum. The primary criteria used to evaluate proposals will be the stated commitment of the department to undertaking the process and the expected contribution to the overall Data Science education of Colby students.

Proposals will be evaluated by a Data Science Review committee, which will make a recommendation to the Data Science Program Director.


Department Curricular Enhancement proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis, with funding decisions provided within one month of receipt of the submission. If funds are unavailable in a given fiscal year, departments may re-submit the following year with priority relative to new submissions.

Please submit the proposal as a single PDF electronically to ​[email protected]​.

Reporting and Distribution of Funds:

The Curricular Enhancement process is expected to complete over three years, with development of the plan occuring in the first half of the first year. Faculty stipends are payable upon completion of the first draft of the plan. At the end of each year, the department needs to submit a status report on the implementation of the plan.

Year 1 Reporting: The Data Science Curricular Enhancement plan and a timeline for implementation of any changes to the curriculum.

Year 2 Reporting: (1) An updated plan, and (2) a summary of the implementation completed so far, including the impact on students learning and outcomes.

Year 3 Reporting: (1) The final plan, and (2) a summary of the implementation, including the impact on student learning and outcomes.

Questions should be directed to Professor Liam O’Brien: [email protected].