The Linde Packman Lab for Biosciences Innovation prepares students to become the next generation of science leaders and innovators. We help connect students to opportunities, programs, mentors, and funding to ensure transformative bioscience experiences on campus and around the world, regardless of a student’s financial means, all thanks to a major gift from Karen Linde Packman ‘88, P’21, and Jeff Packman ‘88, P’21

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The Linde Packman Lab primarily funds two types of opportunities that operate through DavisConnects: the SIO and PCO

SIO – The Student-Initiated Opportunity: The SIO provides funding for science opportunities that students seek and arrange on their own, but for which funding is not available or is insufficient. Read more here.

PCO – The Program-Coordinated Opportunity: The PCO is a growing suite of off-campus science opportunities coordinated and funded by Colby. Read more here.

Funding Source:

The program was launched in 2018 through a very generous donation from Karen Linde Packman ’88, P’21, and Jeff Packman ’88, P’21, with the goal of providing funding to support meaningful bioscience opportunities. Since its establishment, the program has expanded with additional sources of funding, new programs, and new opportunities.  

Colby science students are extraordinarily fortunate to have a large and interconnected pool of Trustees, parents, and friends of the college who recognize the importance of wide-ranging exploratory science experiences for students.

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