“We will not accept your vaccine so you can slow down, because whenever you bring it out, it’s for your people.  You give it to them because we are not accepting death. You are the very representative of death itself: the pale horse.  Everywhere you have gone in the world, hell went right behind you.  We are sick of hell and we are sick of death.  So all of you that have made a covenant with death, your covenant is going to be annulled … your agreement with hell will be broken.”—The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

In addition to the above words lifted from the Criterion on July 4, 2020, Minister Farrakhan said it would be a declaration of war on all of us if the government tried to physically force us to take the vaccine.  Within days after he spoke, the U.S. government completely changed its strategy for getting the country to take the Covid-19 vaccination.  It pivoted from threats to persuasion, using Black medical and health care professionals, politicians, educators and clergy members to urge our people to act in opposition to Divine Commandments from Allah (God).

Now that the vaccines are ready, an elevated level of fear of the pandemic has been created to make the people believe they must have the vaccine.  Stoking fear and ignorance, various methods have been intensified, not the least of which is monopolization of perception through a 24-hour news cycle, censoring dissenting views and creating a barren environment by prolonging or returning to isolation, closed schools, closed religious institutions, limiting exposure to fresh air and insisting that  people stay  away  from their own families. All of this is being advanced on a claim of scientific and medical authority. 

We cannot examine and analyze the Covid-19 vaccine without a knowledge of the climate in which it is being produced.   In his 2013 series The Time and What Must Be Done, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan provided extensive, documented proof that the policy of the United States Government is to rid the Earth of the indigenous people. The overarching goal is to cull the population of our planet by two to three billion.  This includes reducing the United States population by 150 million. Why? White people see their numbers going down and the numbers of the indigenous people, Black, Red and Brown, going up.  In this climate, under this policy,  what can we expect from a vaccine that is unalike anything previously made?

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has devoted his life to the goal of freedom, justice and equality for the descendants of slaves in America and ultimately for all of humanity.  He has suffered greatly for his efforts.  But he has been rewarded with the love and complete trust of our people.  He is a Divinely-Guided servant of Allah (God) and his Teacher, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  When Minister Farrakhan issues a directive to our people it is not coming from him it is from God coming through him. When we dismiss his words we do so at our own peril.  He spoke on the Covid-19 vaccine—several times—in his Message entitled ‘The Criterion’, July 4, 2020, including the excerpt above.

If you have difficulty believing that killing Original people is actually policy, not just random violence,  then ask yourself how we can trust the makers and administrators of the Covid-19 vaccine when U.S. laws protect them from liability for injury or death caused by the vaccine?

The largest lobby in Washington, D.C. is the pharmaceutical industry. It owns both parties.  It should not surprise us that the government wasted no time giving these companies immunity from lawsuits over injuries and death caused by medical countermeasures for Covid-19:   vaccines, therapeutics and respiratory devices (ventilators).  It goes so far as to prevent anyone harmed by a Coronavirus vaccine from using the 1986 Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to seek some little relief from the government.  This blanket protection under the PREP Act went into effect February 4, 2020, before most of the public was even aware of  Covid-19.  The World Health Organization did not declare Covid-19 a pandemic until one month later, on  March 11.    Dr. Ameet Sarpatwari of the Center for Bioethics at Harvard Medical School called the action “an extreme departure from the norms.”

In the vaccine debate with Attorney Alan Dershowitz earlier this year, Attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  offered this fact: “Vaccines are zero liability…this is an industry that went to Congress in 1996. (They) had a vaccine at that time that was causing brain injury in 1 out of 300 people … they said to Congress, ‘we cannot make vaccines safe, they are unavoidably unsafe … the only reason we continue to make vaccines is if you give us a complete blanket immunity from liability.’ Congress gave it to them. Today, if you have a product and it injures you, no matter how negligent the company was, no matter how sloppy the protocols, no matter how toxic the ingredients, no matter now grievous your injury, you cannot sue that company; that company has no incentive to make that product safe.  That should be troubling to any of us who are part of the legal system saying ‘we are going to force people to take this intervention.’”

The first Covid-19 vaccine to reach the market will be one completely unalike any before.  Developed by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna is new  mRNA technology, never  before approved for use in humans in the United States; “m” is for Messenger.  This vaccine does not have the coronavirus in it.  Instead, it instructs your body to make the Covid-19 spike protein.  Once injected, you create a threat to yourself and then go to war against the threat you created.   This is deliberate manipulation of the very core of our biological makeup.  This vaccine has a very real potential to alter who and what we are.

In a recent interview with Sister Charlene Muhammad, national correspondent for The Final Call, renowned biochemist Dr. Judy Mikovits,  who has  been maligned and vilified for exposing the medical industry, explained some of the effects  the mRNA vaccine will have  on a population already injured from previous vaccines and  weakened immune systems:

“The expression of this mRNA is literally the spike protein from two deadly retroviruses that are in our own viral gnomes.  We have been using aborted fetal tissue and other vaccines.  When you add this mRNA vaccine, you are literally putting the blueprint into every cell of the body and you are making this highly pathogenic (disease-causing) protein.  You will kill people who are already compromised and you will sterilize young women who get this vaccine.”

She emphasized that the real coronavirus enters a limited number of cells, those which have receptors for the spike protein.  But the mRNA “is expressing abnormally into every cell of the body.   “This is very, very dangerous, because what that spike protein has in it is the binding protein of the retrovirus HIV.”

No truthful person would call this experimental vaccine “safe and effective.” The vaccine requires two doses:  one to prime the body; a few weeks later, another one to boost the response.   It normally takes 5-15 years to develop a vaccine because years are needed to realize the long-term effects. The Covid-19 vaccine is completely experimental.  Worse, it comes after 20 years of 100 percent failure in the effort to create a coronavirus vaccine.  It is important to understand Moderna is a biotech company that bases drug and vaccine development exclusively on Messenger RNA. They insert a synthetic mRNA into human cells to reprogram them. Pfizer, though a pharmaceutical company, has partnered with a biotech company to produce this vaccine. 

As powerful  multi-national corporations, subsidized  by the U.S. government,  move quickly to put needles and patches with microneedles in arms,  we have a crisis in our community that may be more of a threat to our survival than the virus itself:   the aggressive campaign to persuade Black people to submit themselves to clinical trials and to the vaccine itself.   What is so horrifying is the enlistment of Black medical and health professionals, educators, politicians and preachers to be the mouthpiece for the government; the mouthpiece for that which Minister Farrakhan identifies as “the very representative of death itself.”

How many times has the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan proven that this country lusts for our death?  The Tuskegee Experiment, the polio vaccine, birth control pills and devices, abortions, stealing and selling our organs. We have seen enough, we have heard enough, we have experienced enough to know that  Truth is found in the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

The so-called American Negroes The Lost and Found members of the Nation, the Black Nation, the First and the Last have been used for experimental purposes.  They have suffered every evil thing or idea that entered the heart of the slavemaster and his children.  This is going on today as never before, in a wise and scientific way.”— How To Eat To Live, Book 2

Recently, a widely published “Love Letter to Black America” from “America’s Black Doctors and Nurses,” urged us to take part in clinical trials and to take the vaccine once its proven safe and effective. Claiming to be in “key decision-making roles from the lab to the clinic to the boardroom” it reads, “We urge you to hold us accountable.”  Nowhere in this letter,  not one word, is there an acknowledgement of America’s terrible history of inflicting torture and death on Black people.  African slaves were forced to clear the swamps of the Carolinas because Whites could not be exposed to the risk of the deadly disease malaria.  Surgery was performed on Black women with no anesthesia by J. Marion Sims who is called the “Father of Gynecology.” The desire to escape slavery was designated a mental disorder.  

Until it is proven otherwise, we must presume our people mean us no harm.  It is more likely that the education and training they received make them believe in vaccines and believe this vaccine will benefit them and us.  They believe they are in decision-making roles. But are they on the boards or in the laboratories at Pfizer and Moderna?  Are they on the boards at Johnson & Johnson, the company that in October settled a class action lawsuit for $100 million because they knowingly sold talcum powder that  caused ovarian cancer?   Our professionals must wake up to the virulent racism which led to the pre-conditions that make us most likely to die from Covid-19.  They must acknowledge that racism itself is a factor in many Covid-19 deaths just by the way we are handled in hospitals.

I ask our professional class not to allow themselves to be used to lead our people to slaughter.  Look at and listen to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.  His words from a message entitled “We Are The Overcomers” are invaluable in this hour:

“Allah sends us warnings and warners; in the warning there is not only an implied threat, there is an actual threat.  Allah says, ‘If you don’t do such and such, this is what is going to happen.’   That’s God coming at you. Satan comes differently.  There is no threat, he just drops a suggestion of a benefit if you go his way.  He comes right up in the nature of your own desire and he will offer you whatever you want if you come his way.  That is a formidable enemy.”

Finally, recently, the Minister stated in reference to the mRNA vaccine:

“These are wicked scientists interfering with who and what we are in opposition to our coming back into rulership.  This is the Satanic mind.  They seek to make us other than ourselves in a permanent way.”

By Ava Muhammad, Student National Spokesperson of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

[December 8, 2020]