The following are the steps we are taking to keep you safe during these times:

Regular Sunday Service at 10AM

We want to encourage and remind our Church body of some logistical practices that will be in the best interest of our entire church body and community.

• Let’s do our best as a church to be even more vigilant and contentious about protecting each other and doing a better job in practicing physical distancing guidelines.

• We always offer Masks to be worn at our services free of charge, if you do not have one, please accept our gift to you.

• We strongly recommend that when you enter and exit the building you wear your mask.  It is during this time that we are physically in the closest proximity to one another.

• If you see a build-up of people when entering the building, please allow the crowd to disperse before entering. There is a “fellowship tent” set up outside of the front doors. Please feel free to have a cup of coffee and enjoy a little fellowship OUTSIDE as you allow the crowd to thin out.  However, please do make your way directly into the sanctuary as soon as possibly because we are starting our service promptly at 10 am and do not want you to miss out on the wonderful time of worship and the word.

• Please keep your FELLOWSHIP WITH ONE ANOTHER LIMITED TO OUTDOORS. Please do not congregate or fellowship in the main lobby or hallways.

• Parents of children, please register your kids outside at the check in-tent or preferably online prior to the service.

Please use the app available and this helps to expedite the registration process.  (See Kids Church Protocols BelowIf you or your children have shown any symptoms of sickness, please stay home and join us via our live stream. 

• Please exit the building through the kids wing hallway to aid in the flow of people exiting through the main entrance.

• Please do not remove the ropes from seating areas as we have limited the seating in the sanctuary to allow for appropriate physical distancing.

• Keep doing the obvious that we are all aware of and practicing; handwashing often, use the sanitizing dispensers on the walls and throughout the lobby.

If you have been sick or had a fever, please join us online.  If you are a hi-risk person due to physical issues, please consider joining us online as well

• There are staff and volunteers who are cleaning and disinfecting, even during the service.  Bathrooms, door handles, and anything that is prone to touching, in an effort to keep the entire church disinfected and sanitized.

Now, is a great time for the church to show the world, that we do have love for one another, not just within the church, but also in the community of people that are Un-churched. We do not want to appear insensitive, or not caring about how others feel. Even when we have different opinions, feelings, or convictions, let’s do our very best to handle things as Christ would.

Please be aware of the state CDC guidelines:

• That there be no more than 50 people gathering inside in an assembly.

• That we wear face mask when not able to physical distance

• If you have come into contact with someone who has contracted Covid-19 or is recovering from Covid-19, we ask that you take extra precautions and join us online.

• As the state has requested for the churches monitor church attendance, we do ask you all to consider online check in on Centerpoint FB page.

Special Protocols for Kids Church

Children’s Services will only be offered for children from birth through 6th grade


Check in will begin at 9:30am.

Please download the Church Center App to register before you arrive. This will help cut down on congestion at the check in area.

Android phones:


  • Please make sure that your family’s information is up to date in Planning Center before using the app. Please send Ms. Aimee your updated info via email at [email protected] even if you think it’s up to date. Information we need is; parents name, children’s names, family’s address, Email, phone number, and the birth date, and grade in school (if applicable) of each child enrolled.

As a reminder please see our Sick Policy that MUST be followed before entering CP Kids Corner

  • Before entering the Kids Corner Area all children will be screened. We will ask questions about health and travel, and we will be recording temperatures.
  • It is not mandatory for anyone to wear a mask, but we understand if anyone wants to wear one.

        Nursery: Ages Birth through 3

  • Only one parent/guardian will be allowed to enter the secure area with the child and that parent’s/guardian’s temperature must be screened before entry.
  • The parent/guardian must take the diaper bag to the sanctuary with them during the service.You may leave a “lovey” (i.e. pacifier, blanket or stuffy) and a bottle or cup in the nursery with your child. When your child needs to have their diaper changed, we will text you to do it. Please be sure we have your phone number on file and that your phone is on silent. You will then be asked to take your child to the bathroom or Quiet Room to change them. You can then bring them back to the nursery for the rest of the service.
  • Snacks will be given, and we will be using hand sanitizer to wash all hands before snack. Please let us know if you would like us to refrain from giving your child a snack or from using hand sanitizer on them.

Little Kids: Ages 4 and 5

Big Kids: Ages 6 – 6th grade

  • Before sending your child through the double doors we will ask you to choose the appropriate social distancing sticker, so that our teachers know how to properly greet them and interact with them during service.

Our fellowship considers the possible spread of Covid-19 seriously and we will continue to do our best to make Centerpoint a safe place to worship. We are asking that you all do your best to adhere to the guidelines the state has laid out. With that said, we also acknowledge that there is a separation of church and state. Our leadership acknowledges that every citizen has the right to worship and to assemble. In our attempt to be safe and honor those in authority, Centerpoint Community Church reserves the right to allow the members of our congregation to self-govern. We have done our best through communication, resources, and other means to allow each individual and family the opportunity to participate in a manner that is structured around their level of comfort and their personal conviction.  

Thank you in advance for helping us make this challenging time Safe and Enjoyable for everyone! As always, if you have ANY questions regarding Services and the steps we are taking to keep you safe, please contact the office at 207-872-2084.

[undated, before September 14, 2020]