Colby in Malawi internships are a unique opportunity through the collaboration between Colby students, LuziCareThe Face-to-Face AIDS Project, and Chadika Community Based Organization.

Colby in Malawi Mission Statement

To provide Colby students with experience in the field of international community development through a continued partnership with The Face-to-Face AIDS Project and Chadika Community Based Organization.

Goals of the Internship

Interns will
•Learn about Chadika Community Based Organization (CBO), Malawi, Chewa culture, international development work, and complex realities on the ground
•Assist Face-to-Face AIDS and Chadika CBO in project planning, implementation, and evaluation

Face to Face and Chadika will
•Use Colby students to plan, implement, and evaluate sustainable programs
•Use Colby students to brainstorm new and innovative ideas that address the
underlying causes of poor health, resource scarcity, and poverty

Key Players: overview of Face-to-Face, LuziCare, and Chadika CBO

The Face-to-Face AIDS Project (F2F) is a nongovernmental organization committed to fighting HIV/AIDS in Cambodia and Malawi. Director Ken Wong, a Colby alum himself, founded F2F in 2003 to address the ravaging effects of HIV/AIDS he witnessed while traveling in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. In Malawi, F2F focuses on education by providing scholarships to dedicated students and supporting youth groups and their outreach efforts. To view the full range of F2F projects in Malawi, check out their project catalog here. F2F is also dedicated to raising international awareness of the HIV epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. Inspired to do more by the individuals they met and befriended, F2F adopted a holistic approach to fighting poverty and disease in communities. Projects supported by F2F are developed by the communities themselves and sustainable. Face-to-Face strongly believes that the people they support in Malawi and Cambodia may not “develop” to look like our own communities in the United States, and stress the importance of local solutions and projects.

Chadika Community Based Organization (CBO) is one of the eight CBOs Face-to-Face supports in Malawi. They have implemented a number of programs including the purchase of a small fleet of bicycle ambulances to improve residents’ access to health facilities, training and implementation of year-round farming practices to fight local malnutrition and hunger, and vocational training programs to increase individual income levels. Chadika also supports a women’s HIV+ support group and a youth group dedicated to fighting stigma surrounding AIDS and promoting the proper care of orphans.

LuziCare (Luzi) is a club on Colby’s campus, founded in 2007, that holds various fundraisers throughout the school year to raise money and awareness to support F2F and Chadika. Past events have included penny wars, hunger banquets, and speed dating. During the 2010-2011 academic year, Luzi raised over $1,300 for Chadika’s projects. The money went toward year-round farming, office renovations, and training for those providing home-based care. Looking forward, the money raised by Colby students will mainly support Chadika’s growing youth group as they educate themselves and the community about the realities of HIV and decrease stigma through honest discussions and fighting misconceptions.

Internship at a Glance


Members of Chadika CBO

Accepted Colby Students will spend up to four weeks in and around Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, in sub-Saharan Africa. They’ll stay at Mufasa Backpackers Lodge with hot running water, access to safe drinking water, a restaurant and bar, 24-hour guard service, electricity, access to wireless internet, and an excellent location in the center of town.

Interns will go through a short orientation to the country and internship by Face-to-Face staff members and introduced to the members of Chadika CBO. They will spend their time assisting Chadika and Face-to-Face with projects they have started or are in the process of getting off the ground. Projects may include anything from conducting research, evaluation, education, farming, or a number of other tasks. Interns will be exposed to the innerworkings of an internnational non-governmental organization (F2F) as well as a local CBO (Chadika) and get firsthand experience in the field of international development.


Have questions? Email LuziCare’s president, Clare Peaslee at [email protected].