July 23, 2024

The Possible Futures with Artificial Intelligence

Advancements in artificial intelligence have come far since their creation. For example, the word computer has adapted from meaning a person who performs calculations, to a device to assist a person in calculations and now means a device that can store and communicate data as well as perform advanced calculations, as well as handle data and access the internet. These rapid advancements in artificial intelligence can also be seen in robots and cyborgs. These advancements pose the question of what our future will look like if technology keeps adapting at this rate. This technology was made to assist humans and make their lives easier, but as we have seen in the factory line, sometimes this technology replaces the human. This can be bad when machines start to take over jobs as then many will have no source of income, therefore unable to afford a home and provide for their family. Meanwhile there would be someone who owns these machines getting all the profit from them. But a more controversial topic would be what would happen when machines start doing other labor such as unpaid work.

Machines and other technology doing tasks such as housework such as cooking, cleaning and laundry could be good as people would then have much more leisure time, they could either use for relaxing, or working and moving forward in their career. But what happens when machines start doing everything for us. When people start having everything done for them two things could happen, either they become lazy and do nothing, or they use this free time to advance both themselves and society. An example of the first case is the movie WALL-E in which everyone moves around on floating chairs and has a machine bring them or do whatever they want. This type of society is not one I would personally want to be a part of as there is no meaning to this type of life. For the second case to happen there would need to be some other sort of income going into people’s pockets. With machines doing all the work for people to survive and use their time to learn, create or explore they need some sort of alternative income going into their pockets to support them while doing this.

Artificial Intelligence is very beneficial when used in a way to assist people in doing things. If advancements in this technology keep advancing, then decisions will have to be made on how to restrict this technology from taking over the work force. If it does take over the work force other policies would have to be made to prevent few from owning all the technology and being the only ones to benefit from them.

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