grants, fellowships, other funding

The PHIL is funded by the Margaret T. McFadden Fund for Humanistic Inquiry at Colby College.

PHIL Faculty Grants

Faculty affiliated with the PHIL may apply each year for small grants to help support internal and external partnerships that advance research on medicine and race. Fundable research expenses may include travel to attend convenings or meet external research partners, research materials or supplies to support a research partnership, or a variety of expenses related to the organization of symposia, workshops, or publications in collaboration with Colby or non-Colby partners. These small grants are intended to support research expenses that cannot be fully funded by other funding sources at Colby, such as start-up funds, division funds, and professional travel funds. 

External Grant Opportunities:

  1. Pioneering Ideas: Exploring the Future to Build a Culture of Health


Sponsor: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)

Due Date: Continuous

Description: Pioneering Ideas: Exploring the Future to Build a Culture of Health seeks proposals that are primed to influence health equity in the future. We are interested in ideas that address any of these four areas of focus: Future of Evidence; Future of Social Interaction; Future of Food; Future of Work. Additionally, we welcome ideas that might fall outside of these four focus areas, but which offer unique approaches to advancing health equity and our progress toward a Culture of Health.

We want to hear from scientists, anthropologists, artists, urban planners, community leaders—anyone, anywhere who has a new or unconventional idea that could alter the trajectory of health, and improve health equity and well-being for generations to come. The changes we seek require diverse perspectives and cannot be accomplished by any one person, organization or sector.