digital projects and collections

Colby Lib Guide for Teaching and Research in Medical and Health Humanities
Created by the Colby Libraries, this library guide was created to support teaching and research associated with the PHIL. It includes links to reference materials, books, journals, databases, primary sources, visual resources, public collections, and more.

Art Hx: Visual and Medical Legacies of British Colonialism
Art Hx addresses the historical and ongoing entanglements between art, race and medicine in the spaces of the former British empire, specifically Africa, Australia, the Caribbean, New Zealand, South Asia, and the United States from the 16th century onward. Created by faculty and students at Princeton University, the site includes a searchable, digital database of objects and images that bring these histories into view.

COVID-19 Health Humanities Resources
The Center for Bioethics and Law at the University of Pittsburgh has compiled online resources for thinking and teaching about the pandemic, as well as for finding the support and solace that the health humanities provide. See also their compilation of COVID-19 Narratives and COVID-19 Ethics Resources.

A Journal of the Plague Year
This online digital project collects stories (14,000 and counting) about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected lives around the globe, from the mundane to the extraordinary, including the ways things haven’t changed at all. The project curates special exhibitions on the site and hosts workshops for educators.

LitMed Magazine
Linked to the NYU School of Medicine, LitMed Magazine is an online forum for addressing current issues in medicine and health through the multiple lenses of art, social sciences, literature, and ethics. The site is an eclectic mix of interviews, articles, and resources in medical humanities and humanism. 

Visualizing the Virus
This interactive platform showcases and investigates the diverse ways in which the coronavirus is visualized, imagined, and the inequalities it makes visible. Defining visualization in the broadest sense, the project explores representations of the virus AND especially the disparities, histories, and futures its existence shows us.

Health Humanities Syllabus Repository
Hosted by the Medical Futures Lab at Rice University and the Health Humanities Consortium, this site is comprised of curriculum materials from academic, professional development, and public education programs in the health humanities. The repository is a resource for health humanities educators to share specific ideas and models for course topics, readings, assignments, teaching methods, student and professional development learning outcomes, and public engagement.