our international collaborators and networks

CHCI Medical and Health Humanities Network
Sponsored by the Consortium for Humanities Centers and Institutes, the CHCI Health and Medical Humanities Network is one of the largest organizations forging new interdisciplinary networks and collaborations between campus, clinic, and community. Through the online Network, both scholars in the medical and health humanities and the general public will find directories of recent scholarship, projects, events and social media activity related to the field throughout the world. The organization hosts an annual Summer Institute, which members of the PHIL attend.

Princeton University
The PHIL is working closely with the digital project, Art Hx: Visual and Medical Legacies of Colonialism, led by Professor Anna Arabindan-Kesson at Princeton University. Colby co-sponsored Art Hx’s first symposium in the spring of 2022 on art, medicine, and race, which is also the subject of a course taught at Princeton and Colby that semester. The PHIL will partner again with Princeton in fall 2023 to host a conference at Colby on perspectives on race and racism in the critical medical and health humanities.

Australasian Health and Medical Humanities Network

The purpose of the Australasian Health and Medical Humanities Network is to promote and develop collaborative research projects and multi-disciplinary methods and practices in the medical and health humanities. It is designed to provide a forum in which to share information about current research and teaching programmes as well as upcoming events and other activities in this field.