Study Resources

  • Spanish Grammar Exercises
    by B. K. Nelson at Colby
    a comprehensive collection of interactive learning activities
  • Gramática y ortografía
    by J. M. S. Arrivi at Indiana U
    online ejercicios and a Web Directory
  • Spanish Language Exercises
    by J. R. de Arana at Ursinus College
  • Telling the Time in Spanish
    includes written lessons, quizzes and tests
  • Learn Spanish – a free online tutorial
    includes grammar, vocabulary, cultural, and pronunciation activities. Premium service requires payment.
  • Página de la Lengua Española
    by M.Á. M. Llorente at the U. Politécnica de Madrid
    an extensive Web directory on the Spanish Language
    Spanish only
  • lenguaje – the Spanish Language Website
    by SIGNUM – Spanish Language Engineering
    includes tools such as an online spanish spell checker, verb conjugator, thesaurus, and hyphenator



  • La Biblioteca Ayacucho
    virtual library of classic works of Latin American literature and thought
    Spanish only
  • Mex-online
    an online cultural resource for Mexico past and present
  • La Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes
    a virtual library of classical and contemporary hyperdocumentaries from the U de Alicante, Spain
    Spanish only
  • Diego Rivera Web Museum – The virtual museum
    digitized artwork of the great Mexican muralist
  • newspapers in latin America – LANIC
    Latin American Network Information Center at the U of Texas-Austin
  • The
    Select country from dropdown menu
  • El País, Madrid
    Spanish only
  • La NaciON LINE, Buenos Aires
    Spanish only
  • La Reforma, Mexico City
    Spanish only

Class Websites and Projects

  • Web Exercises for Spanish 103 and Spanish 104
    by K. Fischer at U of the South
  • Cervantes Project 2001
    a comprehensive reference and research site dedicated to the study of Cervantes’ works and life by E. Urbina at Texas A & M U
  • Cultural Interviews with Latin American Executives
    a compilation of over 200 brief video clips in which Latin Americans offer their opinions on questions of cross-cultural communication from the U of Texas-Austin
  • Aspectos de un día típico de trabajo
    a compilation of over 20 brief audio recordings of interviews from Latin American professionals who describe their typical day of work