LRC provides various resources for students who are interested in learning new languages. There are dictionaries, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, Spanish, etc. A good collection of film DVDs and audio CDs is available for different language studies in the lab. The LRC has headphones to listen to audio for language listening comprehension and microphones to record audio for practice phonetics and pronunciation. Video and audio editing software are installed on LRC computers. Students can add subtitles to videos for films. Students can reformat video clips and analyze them. The LRC also offers workshops and training sessions to help students learn how to use computer applications and equipment, such as Audacity, Audio Recorder, and microphones to record and edit audio, how to use iMovie or Final Cut Pro to put subtitles for films and videos, how to type Russian on the keyboard with the phonics system, how to video student’s oral projects and make a movie for class presentation.

LRC resources are not only used for learning languages but also for other classes. LRC provides several iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and Audacity workshops to assist the classes for the entire campus.