Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use software on the lab computers?

Check out the IMC resource page for video tutorials on Audacity, FCP X, Handbrake, and IMC hardware. Otherwise, ask a lab assistant!

How can I get my poster printed?

Visit our poster printing site and fill in a request form to queue your poster for printing.

Can I use Rosetta Stone to learn a language?

The LRC offers Rosetta Stone courses in languages NOT offered by Colby if students wish to pursue self-learning. Contact Qiuli Wang for more information.

What’s the password for the LRC computers?

Username and password are both “labuser”.

What services are provided by the LRC?

Besides poster printing, The LRC offers conversion of VHS and audio tapes to digital/DVD formats. Ask Qiuli Wang or a lab assistant for inquiries. You can also fill in a request form here.



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