Shorter Translations

Nicolai Hartmann, “The Megarian and the Aristotelian Concept of Possibility: A Contribution to the History of the Ontological Problem of Modality”

by Frédéric Tremblay and Keith R Peterson

Axiomathes, 2016

This is a translation of Nicolai Hartmann’s article “Der Megarische und der Aristotelische Möglichkeitsbegriff: ein Beitrag zur Geschichte des ontologischen Modalitätsproblems,” first published in 1937.


Hartmann, N. “Review of Jahrbuch for Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 1 Vol., 2 Parts, Halle, Max Niemeyer, 1913, 847pp.” Die Geisteswissenschaften 35 (1914): 971-972.

This is a translation of Hartmann’s review of Husserl’s Jahrbuch.


Translation of Nicolai Hartmann’s ‘How is Critical Ontology Possible?’

Axiomathes , 2012


This is a translation of an early essay by the German philosopher Nicolai Hartmann (1882–1950). In this 1923 essay Hartmann presents many of the fundamental ideas of his new critical ontology. He summarizes some of the main points of his critique of neo-Kantian epistemology, and provides the point of departure for his new approach in an extensive criticism of the errors of the classical ontological tradition. Some of these errors concern the definition of an ontological category or principle, and others concern the relations among categories themselves.