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Continental Philosophy

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Introduction: Hartmann’s Realist Ontology

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Phenomenology and Being-In-Itself in Hartmann’s Ontology: Laying The Foundations

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Nicolai Hartmann and Recent Realisms

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Flat, Hierarchical, or Stratified? Determination and Dependence in Social-Natural Ontology

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Nicolai Hartmann’s Philosophy of Nature: Realist Ontology and Philosophical Anthropology

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An Introduction to Nicolai Hartmann’s Critical Ontology

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Environmental Philosophy


The Very Idea of an Ecological Worldview

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Stratification, Dependence, and Nonanthropocentrism: Nicolai Hartmann’s Critical Ontology

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Ecosystem Services, Nonhuman Agencies, and Diffuse Dependence

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From Ecological Politics to Intrinsic Value: An Examination of Kovel’s Value Theory

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All That We Are: Philosophical Anthropology and Ecophilosophy

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