CN 321

Beijing 019The goal of this class is to solidify your command of the basic sentence patterns,  to move you closer to being able to read authentic texts on your own, to increase the sophistication of your oral and written expression, and to improve your reading and listening comprehension. Chinese 321 will be different from CN 128 in several ways.  Most importantly we will only be meeting three times a week.  This means that our class time will be even more precious than before.  In order to utilize our class time as fully as possible you will need to do substantial preparation before each class session.   You will need to familiarize yourself with the vocabulary and grammar before it is introduced in class.  Review days will be devoted to expanding your abilities beyond the lesson text through communicative activities. There will be three essay assignments and writing conferences with me in order to work on written expression.  In addition, you will give two oral reports to work on oral expression and presentation skills.


Yuehua Liu & Tao-chung Yao et al, Integrated Chinese Level II Part 2 3rd Edition

Course Moodle Page (This page includes lesson plans and class materials.  It is open to enrolled students.  E-mail me at [email protected] if you would like access.)

LRC Resources

  • Tapes accompanying “Integrated Chinese” Level 2Part 2 Textbook, & Level 2 Part 2 Workbook (3rd edition) can be accessed through the LRC Virtual Listening Lab You may also access the videos that accompany our lessons through the Chinese VLL site.
  • “The Bihua Project” Search Engine–Allows you to search for characters, and then to watch how they are written, and listen to how they are pronounced.

Internet Resources for Advanced Chinese Language Study