Month: August 2021

Kathryn Butler: When You Can’t Gather: Help and Hope for Those Worshiping from Home

Over the past few months, churches have rejoiced at the sweetness of returning to worship in person. The turbulence of 2020, with Zoom meetings replacing handholds, has highlighted the importance of in-person worship and fellowship to the Christian walk. In Collin Hansen’s words, “the hands and feet and ears and eyes need to be assembled for this body to work for the good of all.”… Read the rest

Archdiocese of Boston: Vaccine Exemptions

August 27, 2021

Some parishioners have contacted the Archdiocese to obtain a religious exemption from the vaccine. Because the Church has no moral objection to the vaccine — and actually reminds us that we need to protect the health of others, and the vaccine is currently one of the only and one of the best ways to do that — there is no exemption in the name of our religion (and the other major religions have the same stance.)… Read the rest