The guidance that religious leaders and organizations offer during the coronavirus pandemic reflects not only the tensions between traditional norms or practices and public health recommendations but also the elasticity of tradition itself. This website facilitates comparative study of religious responses to the pandemic that draw on traditional texts or values to offer practical guidance for daily life.

This site, whose primary focus is English-language material, seeks to be representative, not comprehensive. The criteria for inclusion are as follows:

  • Authored by a religious authority (mufti, rabbi, etc.) or organization in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Offers practical guidance to members of the author’s religious community.
  • Draws on religious texts or values.
  • Is a written document (as opposed to a video or audio recording).

Suggestions for additional material from all traditions and perspectives are warmly welcome!

David Freidenreich, Dept. of Religious Studies, Colby College ([email protected])

This website was created by David Freidenreich with assistance from Abigail Carson (Colby ’22), Esther Jeon (Colby ’24), Josh Porter, and Maya Rebitzer (Colby ’23).